Bofo’s stunning revelations reveal massive corruption in Mexican national team

Corruption in soccer has always been a prevalent issue and it was only a matter of time until an eye-opening scandal like this one made the headlines in Mexico.

Rumors have circulated about the influence of money in Mexican soccer but recent revelations from Chivas legend Adolfo Bautista confirm the ongoing speculation.

In an interview with Record, Bofo spoke out about his first-hand experience with the corruption and even gave the name of the shady agent involved.

“Due to my agent, I was able to witness the corruption in Mexican soccer. He first asked for a specific amount of money to send me to the World Cup but my dignity led me to deny the payment. Afterward, he did everything, even the impossible, to make sure I didn’t go.

“His name is Juan Samano. His company is named Goal Marketing. This is how he works: He buys out the journalists and the coaches. There’s an ugly corruption going on in Mexican soccer. After the World Cup, the journalists were already paid. That’s why there were headlines of Conejo Perez running more than El Bofo. It was all his idea.

“There are a lot of players that don’t speak out because of his power and his good relationships with journalists, television stations, and the Mexican federation.”

Bofo stated that the amount Juan Samano asked him for was $2 million pesos.

It was also suggested that the low-profile agent represents various current players who are too scared to speak out because they are actively playing.

Despite the controversy that his inclusion in the 2010 World Cup caused, Bofo was selected because Javier Aguirre believed in his playing capabilities and his experience.

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