Amazing! Mexico and Colombia fans lift disabled Egyptian supporter so he can watch game

If you needed any further proof of the uniting power of football, you need to look no further than the FIFA Fan Zone in Moscow.

If you’re not one of the lucky few to have a ticket for the stadiums, it’s probably the best place in the world to watch the action. Fans from all nationalities congregate to watch the action amidst a general feeling of goodwill.

But when Egypt kicked off its first World Cup game since 1990 against Uruguay on Friday, there was one Pharoah supporter who couldn’t get a good view of the action.

The fan—who remains unnamed—was wheelchair bound, thus leaving him with a little hope of seeing the big screens among the throngs of people.

But, in what might become one of the defining photos of the tournament, two fans quickly jumped to his rescue. A Mexican supporter and a Colombian fan hoisted the man, and his wheelchair, into the air for the entire game.

Instead of not being able to see anything, he probably enjoyed the best view in the house.

Check it out:


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