Chivas on strike? Entire squad fails to show up for pre-season medicals

Not a single Chivas player turned up for their pre-season medicals at the club today, presumably in protest at the ongoing events at the club.

Over the weekend, Chivas sports director Francisco Gabriel de Anda claimed Matias Almeyda was still the manager, despite the fairly common public knowledge that he walked away from the club last week.

Many of the Chivas players even took social media to express solidarity with their former boss after news of his departure emerged.

According to RecordFrancisco Gabriel de Anda said the medicals were voluntary once he realized nobody was planning to show up.

14 of the squad were supposed to have their tests this morning, with the rest due to report on Tuesday.

What happens next is unclear. Marca says the players are planning to turn up next week on the date originally planned by Almeyda, though some people on social media are claiming the entire squad is now officially on strike.


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